Re-enactment of the Now

Davy Pieters/Theater Utrecht

It is 2016 and climate change throws its shadow over the world. The warning signs are clear, the earth is warming, sea levels are rising and life on earth is threatened. But why don’t we intervene? Why not really change something about the way we live?

In a pastoral landscape Re-enactment of the Now is a cinematic performance on location, a re-enactment of a historical event on the site where it originally took place. As the performance zooms out further and further it will reflect on our own moment in time, on what might have been crucial or that which remained unseen. An immersive soundscape of Jimi Zoet and a live narrator to be heard through headphones will make this performance a living cli-fi documentary. But what is fact and what is fiction?

In her distinctive, inventive and idiosyncratic way Davy Pieters takes us to the future on a return trip to the now, in an attempt to lend history a helping hand.

“We are constantly confronted with signs that climate change threatens life as we know it. We see images in the media and hear stories of disasters with catastrophic results. I became fascinated by the fact that it appears to remain so difficult for us to associate ourselves with this subject. In making this performance I‘m attempting to bridge that gap. I want to offer a different perspective. A moment to pause, to reflect and to imagine.” – Davy Pieters

concept, direction & setdesign: Davy pieters
music: Jimi Zoet
performance: Klara Alexova, Mees Borgman, Lotte Driessen, Mathieu Wijdeven, Joost Bolt
voice-over: Thomas Dudkiewicz
set building: Ruben Wijnstok
stage photography: Roel van Berckelaer


Played earlier on:

  • Tue 18 Jul 2017 - Over het IJ Festival Amsterdam
  • Wed 19 Jul 2017 - Over het IJ Festival Amsterdam
  • Thu 20 Jul 2017 - Over het IJ Festival Amsterdam
  • Fri 21 Jul 2017 - Over het IJ Festival Amsterdam
  • Sat 22 Jul 2017 - Over het IJ Festival Amsterdam