Davy Pieters/Theater Rotterdam

Last year, more than ever before, we were confronted by our mortality. The vulnerability of a body, but also of life on earth itself, was visible everywhere. In DO NOT LOOK BACK WITH REGRET, the director Davy Pieters invites you to consider this. In a visual and filmic production, we see two women (performed by Marlies Heuer and Klára Alexová) in a process of letting go, grief and the search for comfort. What if you are confronted with loss? Where is your refuge if the end is in sight? Music by Jimi Zoet (URLAND).

Davy Pieters: ‘It’s about seeing what we don’t want to see. Our relationship with mortality is not the same as 18 months ago. How do we relate to loss? How do we create the space to stop and process it?’

concept, direction & stage design: Davy Pieters
performance: Klára Alexová, Marlies Heuer
music: Jimi Zoet
lighting design: Varja Klosse
costumes: Erik Bosman, Karin van der Leeuw
technical: Peter Leeuwenburgh, Andi Krijgsman and John Thijssen
advice: Anoek Nuyens
production: Andrea van Bussel, Anne van Buren
marketing: Dieke van der Spek, Robin Laurens
scenery sponsorship: Stout Perspex


Played earlier on:

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